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SIBO Solutions! Logo

SIBO Solutions! Logo Design SIBO Solutions! logo is designed well according to feng shui principles. The flowing line of ‘S’ creates a harmonious energy flow. Metaphorically, it also represents the digestive truck. SIBO stands for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (more info)

The ‘Natural Effect’ in Branding. Misleading Use of the Word ‘Natural’.

Naturally, many people are still ignorant about the “natural” label, which is totally meaningless, as foods with the “natural” labels can still, legally, be chockfull of chemicals, additives, and genetically engineered ingredients. Watch this funny infomercial about the misleading use

Seven steps to brand success

Seven steps to brand success: 1. Strategy and goal: What do we want to achieve? Increased sales? Attract new customers? Change image? Improve SEO (search engine optimisation) or web visibility? 2. Brand content: Is the change of content necessary? Is the brand

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