Feng Shui Logos Services:

• feng shui logo design See my feng shui logo design portfolio
• logo assessment and overall chi/energy vibration evaluation
• optimisation, re-designing, updating and revitalising existing logos
• design of favicons – a favicon is that little touch of attention to detail
• design of mobile apps icons

• feng shui branding, evaluation and construction
• design and development of corporate identities
• personal branding
• branding trainings and seminars

• website design and construction
• SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and web visibility – feng shui placement online
• PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign management

• new company names
• name and tagline design
• product name design

The beneficial differences
• No one gets a second chance to make a first impression. Just as one’s identity can affect one’s life, a bad or inappropriate one can create an undesirable image for a company. We design new brands, logos and improve existing ones by raising their perceptual and vibrational value.
• The vitality of your company’s brand, typeface and logo is assessed.
• We develop ‘transformative’ corporate identities – not merely ‘translative’ ones. A logo can serve as a symbol of transformation of the deep structure or just a sign of translation on the surface level.
• In business the goal is to develop and introduce successful services and products into the market place. Brands are designed from multi-dimensional perspectives such as personal subjective, behavioural, cultural and social.
• We draw on the latest research in Semiotics, Hermeneutics, Cybernetics, Systems Thinking, Archetypical Psychology and Preconscious Processing More about Jan Cisek