Top tips for designing a perfect name for a successful business

Top tips for designing a perfect name for your successful business

The process of designing the right name is simple and complex at the same time.

1) Design a meaningful name

The name should be meaningful and have some connotations/references/representations to the category of your business. It needs to resonate with what you do, your business goals and values. Check your competition because you want to be similar and different at the same time.

2) Start with good letters

Good letters to start the name are from the beginning of the alphabet i.e. A, B, C or the end ie XYZ. They’re easier to remember.
To get ideas, use these websites to combine words and rhyming:

3) Make it short and easy

The name should be short and easy to pronounce. If it doesn’t flow pronunciation-wise work on it until it does.

4) It must work in other languages (if global)

If the brand/business is global the name should be checked for any negative connotations/pronunciations in other languages. There are many examples of brand names that mean horrible or unfortunate things in other languages.

5) Check the numerology and vibration of the name

The name (ideally) should have a good numerological vibration of 1 (for start-ups), 8 (profits), 9 (global reach), 7 (niche business) and then master numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44, etc – use for the calculations. But don’t reject names that don’t have the ideal vibration – there are other aspects that are important too. Numerology shouldn’t be your only criteria. You can always balance the vibration of the name with the colours in the logo, taglines, and the logo itself. There are many brands with a numerological vibration that is not perfect and still, they’re very successful. Good names also have good feng shui – check feng shui consultation cost

6)  Get the domain name

The name should be available as a domain name for your country of operation (ie .uk/ .london) or if it’s a global business, an ideal domain extension is .com. Check here: or This is where it gets tricky because most of the domain names with .com and or .uk are gone now.

7) Register the company’s name

The name should be available for registration with the Companies House in your country. This also might inspire you for a different, better name. For example in the UK, check it here:

8) Check with friends and colleagues

Finally, when you’ve met all the above criteria for designing a perfect name for your new business or project – check it with friends, family and colleagues. If they approve it then you probably have a good name. Sleep on it and then buy the domain name and register the company’s name.
I’m happy to assist you with the naming design process – I do charge for it though, depending on how much work there is. Please email me for a quote or call me on +44 7956 288574.