Feng Shui Branding

Many people think that branding is simply a matter of designing a new logo for their company and possibly a tagline to go underneath it, often barely distinguishing between branding and marketing.

A strong brand is a construct and has to do with every aspect of a company’s relationship with its customers. The function of branding is to make us feel good by making our decision making easier and safer by reducing anxiety and doubt and enhancing the trustworthiness of the brand. Most organizations know that keeping the long-term trust and loyalty of the customer is central to their success.

Branding is perceptual management that works with such virtual aspects like values, associations, percepts, beliefs, metaphors and environments. It is a promise and a difference. If marketing is the body of an organization then branding is its mind.

So why brand? Because branding transforms businesses.

Why branding is so important? 
The function of branding is to get your name, company or service on the tip of everyone’s tongue. How do you do this? By effectively using your logo, signature, web site, newsletter, blog, press releases and social networking software, you present a strong, well-executed persona. Branding is considered one of the most important, though difficult, marketing objectives because it is often the tie-breaker for an unsure consumer. Every object, document or advertisement you display should help consumers associate your name with quality. If you demonstrate a clear, convincing brand image they are more likely to remember you and do business with you in the future.

Advertising and corporate logos are everywhere. Customers are bombarded with logos at every turn – they see the Golden Arches while driving home from work, the red-and-white soup can staring them down the grocery aisle, those multi-colored oooo’s greeting them when they open up their Internet browser and that swoosh symbol racing across the screen when they’re watching TV.