New Company Names and Naming

STRATEGIC BRAND NAMING: New Company Names and Naming

A brand name is one of the most important elements in the branding process. Get it right and the branding process goes smoothly and effectively. Get it wrong and the company can spend years to correct for its shortcomings. Verbal identity includes naming, slogans, mission, vision, company text, copy for the web, PR text and corporate nomenclature. When you are starting a new brand bring your own branding challenge to us and learn how to create an effective name for your product, service, or business. You will learn how to generate various types of names, then how to evaluate them against a set of criteria (implicit and explicit), online and offline and a framework for continuing the process with confidence. Createa name that have the power to generate strong emotions and connections, define your business and build your brand.

Importance of naming your compay. We co-create by naming things. Many native cultures belive that. Aborigines believe that you create as you name things. Modern science (quantum physics) is now saying the same thing


Strategic Brand Naming Services:
• Design of company names
• Design of business names
• Design of product names
• Design of domain (url) names
• Taglines and slogans development
• Brand naming process
• Nomen naming
• Name development
• Corporate nomenclature
• International brand names creation
• Verbal identity development
• Copy writing for websites – conversion optimisation
• Brand name valuation

Desiging domain names / urls
A strategic domain name (url) is the first step to secure maximum web visibility and online traffic. If you want to dominate a specific product or service category (in vertical search or locally) including those specific keywords in the domain name can be critical. If you can’t do it there are other SEO techniques to overcome this shortcaming.

A brand name has a unique impact on your brain according to the latest research (Gontijo, 2002, Journal reference: Brain and Language vol 82, p 327). Brand names engage the “emotional”, right-hand side of the brain more than other words, the research suggests (e-motion leads to action). They are also much easier to be recognised and have more impact on the subconscious mind (subliminal priming) when they are in capital letters. “It supports our instinctive belief that brands are a special class of word – they are like a poem all in one word in their ability to evoke and express ideas.”Robert Jones, head of consulting at the brand strategists Wolff Olins in London.

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