Why logos are important?

Your logo is the first point of contact between you and your audience. It identifies your product or services to your customer and distinguishes you from your competition. Your logo is extremely important in helping your company create and maintain its brand in today's marketplace and is the key to successful branding and marketing. Feng shui can make a significant difference to your business.
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Feng Shui Logos – the vital virtual difference

Feng Shui Logos offers a leading-edge design that works on all levels which include physical, emotional, mind and spiritual.

Feng shui’ s fundamental principle is that of vital energy or vibration (chi) which belongs to the virtual domain.

Feng Shui Logos are designed from a vibrational level. We assess the overall vibration of logos and resonance between logos and brands.

Why design logos with feng shui

1. to boost the vibration of your logo and add value to your brand
2. to energise your logo to become a magnet for opportunities and prosperity
3. to optimise your logo for growth and success
4. to increase your luck factor
5. to synchronise your auspicious element with your brand
6. to give you an advantage over your competitors
7. to avoid negative subliminal influences
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